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Craziest Tug-of-war By Machines

Craziest Tug-of-war By Machines
Craziest Tug-of-war By Machines

Video: Craziest Tug-of-war By Machines

Video: Craziest Tug-of-war By Machines
Video: Unbelievable Crazy Tug Of Wars Of All Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2023, December

Back in school (and why there - back in kindergarten!), Such a competition as tug-of-war made it possible to find out who is stronger, more agile and inventive. And what works for small children will work just as well for cars! How to prove that your car is powerful, high-torque, enduring? Hitch it to another car with a rope - and pull it in different directions. This is exactly what the owners of the next 18 cars did …

TeslCybertruck vs Ford F-150

This video made its way around all news feeds - not just automobiles. In it nose to nose (more precisely, stern to stern) the present and the future converged: America's most popular pickup truck, the Ford F-150, and Tesla's first electric pickup truck, which has already become the hero of hundreds of memes and gags.

Since the video was shown during the Cybertruck presentation, the outcome is clear. Nevertheless, many considered the competition to be incorrect - because the rear-wheel drive F-150 was put up against the all-wheel drive Cybertruck. In addition, the cars had different tires. Therefore, the public (including Sandeep Madra, the head of the Ford X division) demanded a replay from Elon Musk - with the participation of comparable versions of cars and on the same tires. Musk accepted the challenge. But when the revenge will take place is not yet clear. Cybertruck now has more serious problems - for example, it cannot be certified in European countries, since the stainless steel body does not meet modern safety requirements.

GAZ-69 versus UAZ-469

While American pickups are competing on smooth and clean asphalt, Russian cars are doing it in Russian - on the surface of a frozen river. Well, the heroes of the confrontation were the most famous army off-road vehicles - GAZ-69 and UAZ-469.

Despite the fact that the cars belong to the same class and have a similar curb weight (1525 kg for GAZ versus 1650 kg for UAZ), they are separated by a good 20 years of technological progress. But this does not mean that the 69th became an easy prey for UAZ - the cars fought on equal terms. And how they fought!

The atmosphere of the video is added by the traditional cries of "Come on, come on!", The buildup of cars for better wheel grip, the fall of seconds on the ice … In general, as noted in the comments under the video, there was no bite that day, so the guys had fun as best they could.

BMW 5 Series vs Tractor

As the "fives" in the back of the E34 were not mocked: they were fired upon and mercilessly beaten in the 90s, turned into dragters and drift mobiles … And it seemed to someone that a business-class sedan is a good weapon to compete in tug of war with a tractor. And who are we to condemn him?

The video is spectacular, but it hurts to watch it: listening to how the six-cylinder BMW engine rests against the cut-off for two minutes is like watching a wild beast beating in its death throes. Nevertheless, the "five" did not allow the tractor to win the duel dry: as soon as the tractor driver lifted his foot off the gas pedal, the sedan immediately pulled the opponent in his direction.

I wonder how the fate of BMW developed after the competition. The variant of the sale with the description “not a bit, not beautiful, did not participate in races, in Germany my grandfather went for bread” is not the worst scenario. After all, the new owner is unlikely to think of such merrymaking.

Diesel Dragster Tractor vs Steam Tractor

850 horsepower versus 18 - it would seem, what kind of duel can we talk about? But in tug-of-war, weight, torque and traction quality are much more important, and in this regard, old steam tractors will give odds to many modern counterparts.

At first, it seems that a John Deere drag-type tractor can easily deal with a tractor from the beginning of the last century, but it's not so simple - after all, the torque of the steam engine exceeds 1800 Nm, and it is available from the very bottom. And how much heavier the old man is and needless to say. Therefore, the competition turns almost into a beating of a baby.

How many tractors do you need to plow a field? Two. And not a single plow - if one of the tractors is diesel and the other is steam, and both of them press the gas.

ToyotSupr vs. Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

Another duel that shows how important mass is in tug-of-war. Even the feisty Suprkommando Evil Empire could not oppose anything to the absolutely stock 500th "Gelik" - simply because the "Japanese" is as light as possible.

But the output of the Supra is 800 horsepower and 900 Nm - its 2JZ-GTE received a stroker kit, which increased the working volume to 3.4 liters. In addition to traditional drift tuners such as high-performance petrol pumps and injectors, the Supr is equipped with a NOS nitrous oxide injection system. With the correct gear ratio in the transmission, the car is capable of driving 350 kilometers per hour. But all these arguments turn out to be insignificant when the cable and Gelendvagen appear. All that Supra can give out in such a situation is a spectacular burnout.

Mercedes-AMG G63 vs three Suzuki Jimny

CarWow loves to do quirky car comparisons. Usually - on the drag strip, where the car with the best dynamics and brakes is determined. But there are also off-road competitions. For example, an unusual tug-of-war, in which one Gelendvagen is opposed by three Suzuki Jimny at once.

Initially, the G63 competed with one Jimny, but the advantage of Mercedes turned out to be so great that two more were gradually added to the small Japanese SUV. Considering that the flagship Gelandewagen costs 10 times more than the Suzuki in Great Britain, the confrontation has become more or less honest.

Did three Davids with 1.5-liter engines manage to overcome the Teutonic Goliath, under the hood of which there is a four-liter bi-turbo V8? Let's not spoil it. The video is worth watching.

Ferrari F50 vs Ferrari F50

How do very rich people have fun? They fill the pools with champagne, try aerobatics on Boeings. At worst, they compete in tug-of-war in two Ferrari F50s.

An absolutely pointless competition that you want to watch forever. As well as listening to the melody of the naturally aspirated 4.7-liter V12, which was created on the basis of the Ferrari formula engine. The current cost of the Ferrari F50 could exceed $ 2 million, so one can only guess how much money could be spent on restoring these two cars if something went wrong. The F50's tires and clutches, however, will also match the price of a well-packed executive sedan.

Volkswagen Golf vs Volkswagen Polo

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Just a beautiful winter dance with two hatchbacks and one cable. Tug-of-war isn't necessarily just a sport, it's also fun.