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Demand For New Passenger Cars Has Risen Again In Europe

Demand For New Passenger Cars Has Risen Again In Europe
Demand For New Passenger Cars Has Risen Again In Europe

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According to the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA), in November, the European market recorded an increase in demand for new passenger cars: 1 million 210.9 thousand cars were registered, which is 4.5% more than last year's result. This is the third consecutive month of market growth and the fourth throughout the year. This is largely due to a drop in sales after the introduction of new environmental requirements for motor vehicles in September 2018.

Among the large European markets, the best figures were recorded in Germany: plus 9.7% (299.1 thousand vehicles). In Spain, the figure was 2.3% (93.2 thousand cars), in Italy - plus 2.2% (150.6 thousand), in France - plus 0.7% (172.7 thousand units). Great Britain was marked by a fall of 1.3% (156.6 thousand units). The absolute growth leader is Romania: plus 57.7%, 13.1 thousand new cars.

Most of the market leaders have managed to increase their audience. The largest demand was recorded for Volkswagen: 149.2 thousand registered cars (plus 9.3%). The second and third places are occupied by Renault (79.8 thousand units, plus 11.3%) and Mercedes-Benz (76 thousand, plus 1.6%). The top five also included Peugeot (74.4 thousand, minus 1.2%) and Ford (74 thousand, plus 3.4%).

Places from sixth to tenth were taken by BMW (69.5 thousand, plus 3.5%), Skod (61.5 thousand, minus 0.9%), Toyot (56.9 thousand, plus 5.6%), Audi (53.5 thousand, plus 39.4%) and Opel (51.4 thousand, minus 22.1%), which returned to the Russian market.

In total, since the beginning of the year, 14 million 542.1 thousand new passenger cars have been registered in Europe - just 0.3% less than last year's result. Positive results of the last three months contributed to the market entry to last year's figure. However, four of the five major markets went negative: Spain (1.152 million, minus 5.7%), the United Kingdom (2.162 million, minus 2.7%), Italy (1.776 million, minus 0.6%) and France (2.003 million, minus 0.2%). The German market grew by 3.9% (3.324 million vehicles).

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