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10 Most Popular Diesel Cars In Russia

10 Most Popular Diesel Cars In Russia
10 Most Popular Diesel Cars In Russia

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ToyotLand Cruiser Prado is the most popular diesel car in Russia

According to Avto.ru, in November 137.1 thousand new "cars" were registered in the traffic police departments. Among them, 12.2 thousand cars are fueled with diesel fuel, which is 1.2% less than a year ago. However, the share of diesels in total sales for the month increased by 0.6 points and reached 8.9%. Here are ten of the most popular ones.

The leader of the Russian diesel market - ToyotLand Cruiser Prado: 953 cars (plus 35.8%). Prado's absolute record was recorded in October: 1.2 thousand diesel cars and plus 65%. The second and third places are taken by KiSorento (682 cars and minus 1.4%) and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (635 units and minus 25.2%).

Hyundai SantFe and SkodKodiaq follow: 602 people (minus 14.9%) and 575 people (plus 13.6%) chose these crossovers, respectively.

The cheapest car in the rating in November was not very popular: Renault Duster was registered with 559 owners (minus 21.6%) - sixth place in the rating. Behind him - the only non-crossover - BMW 5-series: 553 units (plus 63.6%). ToyotLand Cruiser 200 was registered by 438 people (minus 19.8%), another 427 people chose the diesel BMW X5 (plus 28.2%). Volkswagen Tiguan with a diesel engine closes the top ten: 419 crossovers (minus 1.4%).

For 11 months of 2019, 112.8 thousand new diesel vehicles were registered in Russia (minus 4%). They occupy 8% of the new passenger car market (minus 0.1 points).

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