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10 Most Popular Cars With "automatic Machines" In Russia

10 Most Popular Cars With "automatic Machines" In Russia
10 Most Popular Cars With "automatic Machines" In Russia

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According to Avto.ru, in October 2019, 143.5 thousand new passenger cars were sold in Russia. Among them, 83.6 thousand cars were equipped with an automatic transmission (in this group, we take into account the classic "automatic", robotic gearboxes and variators). The share of two-pedal cars increased to 58.3% (plus 3.9 points). And here are the most popular ones.

KiRio is the most popular car with an automatic transmission

The three most popular cars with automatic transmission in October included only Korean brands: the bestseller KiRio with a score of 6.8 thousand units (plus 31.4%), Hyundai Cret and 4.9 thousand units (plus 16.4%), Hyundai Solaris, 3, 5 thousand cars (minus 6.3%). The share of automatic machines in Rio and Solaris increased to 78.3% (12.5 points) and 76.9% (7.9 points), respectively, while Creta's share remained at the same level - 72.6%.

Places from fourth to sixth were taken by cars of the Volkswagen concern: the VW Tiguan crossover with automatic transmission was chosen by 3.4 thousand people (plus 10.6%), SkodOctavi- 3 thousand people (plus 95.8%), VW Polo - 2.9 thousand (plus 45.5%). The two-pedal versions of Octavia and Polo increased the audience to 86.7% (9 points) and 62% (24.5 points), respectively, and Tiguan slightly lost it - 91% (minus 1.9 points).

With very similar sales results, rival ToyotCamry and KiOptima were in seventh and eighth places. The Japanese sedan was chosen by 2.7 thousand buyers (minus 17.7%), and the Korean one was chosen by 2.6 thousand buyers (minus 1.3%). Camries are only available with an automatic transmission, and the Optima's share with such a transmission has decreased by 0.5 percentage points to 96.5%.

The penultimate place in the top ten belongs to the Mitsubishi Outlander crossover: 2.4 thousand cars (plus 4.5%). Closes the SkodKodiaq rating: 2.1 thousand cars (plus 8.3%). "Japanese" is sold mainly with a variator, but versions with a three-liter engine are equipped with a classic "automatic". Outlander has no "mechanics" at all. Kodiak is available with "robot" or "stick". The share of cars with automatic transmission increased to 87.4% (+2.1 points).

The Russian sales leader - Lad - the number of cars with automatic transmission in October reached 9.2%. These are 965 cars of the Grant family (plus 45.8%), Vest - 683 units (minus 33.8%) and Xray - 443 units (plus 17.5%). It should be noted that the share of Ixreys with automatic transmission doubled in October, to 17.5%. The appearance on the market of versions with a variator, which is noticeably more popular than the "robot", has an effect - the variator Xray was chosen by 81.7% of customers.

For 10 months, 785.5 thousand cars with automatic transmissions were sold in Russia, which is 3.2% more than a year ago.

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