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KamAZ Will Create A Competitor To Gazelle

KamAZ Will Create A Competitor To Gazelle
KamAZ Will Create A Competitor To Gazelle
Video: KamAZ Will Create A Competitor To Gazelle
Video: Камаз СЛОМАЛСЯ на бездорожье ... Тест против Газели 4х4. RC OFFroad 2023, February

The Kama Automobile Plant is preparing a light commercial vehicle that will be able to compete with the Gazelle. As the general director of KamAZ Sergey Kogogin told Vedomosti, serial production of the new model will begin in 2021–2022.

Dump truck based on Gazelle Next
  • So far, the mysterious model of KamAZ is called the Compass in-house. She will receive only cargo versions, the creation of passenger minibuses is not planned yet. The compass was used to reload the assembly line: with an annual capacity of 70,000 trucks, now less than 40,000 units are produced per year.
  • Kogogin said that the light commercial vehicle has been under development for several years and the assembly of the first prototypes will begin in 2020. The model will become an independent creation of KamAZ, and the German concern Daimler, which owns 15 percent of the shares of the Kama automobile plant, does not participate in its creation.

Now the Gazelle, produced in the Business and Next versions, is the leader in the segment of light commercial vehicles in Russia. Thanks to this model, GAZ Group owns a 45% market share. In 2021, an updated version of the Gazelle Next called Gazelle NN will go into the series.

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