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Where Crossovers And SUVs Are Most Loved In Russia

Where Crossovers And SUVs Are Most Loved In Russia
Where Crossovers And SUVs Are Most Loved In Russia

Video: Where Crossovers And SUVs Are Most Loved In Russia

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Video: Most popular (sold) crossovers and SUVs in Russia in 2014 2023, January

For 10 months of 2019, 1 million 276.2 thousand new passenger cars were registered in Russia. At the same time, 44% of the park are SUV segment cars, crossovers and SUVs (562.4 thousand units). Earlier, we figured out which models were the most popular since the beginning of the year, and now we have compiled a rating of regions where such cars are in greatest demand.

Most popular off-road vehicles ended up in the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District. Their share here on average exceeds 66%. Record rate recorded in the Sakhalin region, where models of the SUV segment occupy almost 77% of the new car market!

Least popular crossovers and SUVs are used in the Caucasus: of all new cars registered in the North Caucasus Federal District, only a quarter are representatives of the SUV segment. In the Chechen Republic minimum indicator across the country - 13.4%.

In the capital regions, off-road vehicles are chosen by half of the buyers: in Moscow and the Moscow region, 146.5 thousand crossovers and SUVs were registered in 10 months, in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region - 49.6 thousand units.

In addition to the capital regions, the top ten leaders in absolute terms included: the Republic of Tatarstan (20.1 thousand units, 37.7% of the market), Krasnodar Territory (19.8 thousand, 40.2%), the Republic of Bashkortostan (17.1 thousand cars, 38.2%), Sverdlovsk (16.6 thousand, 41.1%), Samara (14.6 thousand, 35.7%), Nizhny Novgorod (13.4 thousand, 45.8%), Chelyabinsk (12.9 thousand cars, 39.1%) and Rostov regions (12.2 thousand units, 38.9%).

Region Share,% Quantity, pcs. Total, pcs.
Sakhalin Region 76,9 1170 1521
Kamchatka Krai 73,5 451 614
Primorsky Krai 69,0 3217 4664
Saha Republic 68,7 1391 2024
Khabarovsk region 64,8 1890 2918
Amur region 64,3 841 1309
Murmansk region 63,3 3794 5995
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District 62,1 3687 5940
The Republic of Buryatia 59,1 736 1245
Irkutsk region 57,9 5869 10142

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