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Where In Russia In New Cars Appeared Most Often

Where In Russia In New Cars Appeared Most Often
Where In Russia In New Cars Appeared Most Often
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According to Avto.ru, from January to October 2019, 5 million 757 thousand passenger cars were registered in Russia. Of these, only 22.2 percent (1276.2 thousand pieces) fall to the share of new ones. We studied the statistics and made a rating of the regions of the country, where motorists more often preferred new cars than used ones.

  • The most popular cars without a run were in the Central Federal District: here their share on average reaches 28.8%. The highest indicator in the region and in the country as a whole is in Moscow (excluding the region): the number of new and used cars is almost equal. The worst indicator of the Central Federal District is in the Smolensk Region: only 15.1% of new cars of the total.
  • In addition, the North-West, Volga and Ural Federal Districts were noted with indicators above the average for Russia: 27.1, 25.9 and 22.8%, respectively.
  • Least of all new cars were registered in the traffic police departments of the Far Eastern Federal District: on average, their share here is only 5.1%. The anti-leaders of the rating are the Jewish Autonomous Region (2.2%), Kamchatka Territory (4.2%) and Amur Region (4.4%).
  • In absolute terms, in terms of the number of registered new cars, the leaders are Moscow and the Moscow Region (293.7 thousand units), St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region (99.2 thousand units) and the Republic of Tatarstan (55.4 thousand vehicles).

Region Sharenew,% Number, thousand pcs. Total, thousand pcs.
Moscow and Moscow region 37,1 293,7 791,9
Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region 33,9 99,2 292,6
Republic of Tatarstan 32,4 55,4 171,0
Samara Region 30,7 40,8 132,9
Perm Territory 28,4 26,4 93,0
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug 28,2 23,6 83,9
Udmurtia 27,6 16,6 60,0
Republic of Bashkortostan 25,8 44,8 173,6
Ryazan Oblast 25,4 11,0 43,3
Chuvash Republic 25,3 10,4 41,2

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