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Where In Russia "Lada" Are Most Popular

Where In Russia "Lada" Are Most Popular
Where In Russia "Lada" Are Most Popular

According to Avto.ru, from January to September 2019, 1,124,000 new passenger cars were registered in Russia. Among them, 23% of cars (258.7 thousand units) are representatives of Russian brands. In this share, Lada accounts for 95%: in 9 months they were registered by 247.6 thousand owners. We have compiled a rating of the regions where the percentage of new Ladas is the highest.

Most popular cars of the Togliatti manufacturer ended up in the republics of the North Caucasus Federal District: from 30 to 50% of motorists here preferred Lada to other brands, and in Dagestan this share reached record 54.5%… In the Volga Federal District, Lada was chosen on average by about 38% of owners.

Least demand AvtoVAZ products are used in the regions of the Siberian and Far-Eastern Federal Districts, as well as in the Kaliningrad Region: here the share of new Ladas registered hardly exceeds 15%. Lowest rates - in the Magadan region (3.3%), and also in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk territories (4.6 and 5.7%, respectively).

In the capital regions, Russian cars are also not popular: in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region their share is only 11%, and in Moscow and the Moscow Region it is even less - 6.3%.

Nevertheless, the capital and the region are leaders in absolute terms: 17.2 thousand cars. They were joined by the Samara region (15.2 thousand units), the republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan (14.4 thousand and 13.4 thousand vehicles, respectively), as well as St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region (10.2 thousand units).

Only in four regions of Russia the share of cars of domestic brands is higher than foreign cars. And the highest share of cars of foreign brands is in the capital and the Moscow region (93.2%), the Kaliningrad region (91.5%) and the Primorsky Territory (91.3%).

Region Share,% Lada, PC. Foreign cars, PC. Total, PC.
The Republic of Dagestan 54,5 3006 2485 5514
Republic of Kalmykia 53,9 1108 938 2055
Karachay-Cherkess Republic 49,7 537 526 1080
Kabardino-Balkar Republic 48,8 900 919 1843
Republic of North Ossetia 47,5 955 1047 2009
Chuvash Republic 46,6 4146 4697 8893
Udmurtia 43,2 6328 8258 14655
Samara Region 42,1 15223 20658 36189
Kirov region 40,0 3052 4466 7638
Tambov Region 39,7 3061 4600 7718

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