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Russian Automakers Increased Exports

Russian  Automakers Increased Exports
Russian Automakers Increased Exports

Video: Russian Automakers Increased Exports

Video: Russian  Automakers Increased Exports
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The volume of export deliveries of cars and auto components from Russia for 8 months of 2019 increased by about 30%. Experts attribute such dynamics to low demand for new cars on the Russian market. Therefore, companies find buyers abroad, writes Kommersant.

  • From January to August, the export of passenger cars reached 73.4 thousand units (plus 27.8%). In monetary terms, this is $ 1 billion (plus 32.1%).
  • The export of trucks turned out to be quite a bit higher than a year ago - 8.4 thousand units (plus 0.1%), however, in money terms, it increased to $ 218.5 million (plus 12.7%).
  • The main export markets in January – August were Belarus and Kazakhstan: they accounted for 27 and 23%, respectively. In addition, major destinations are Turkey (7%), Czech Republic (6.3%), Uzbekistan (6%) and China (5%). Algeria, Azerbaijan, Cuba are also called important sales markets in the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • The largest contribution to the growth of the total volume of exports was made by cars and trailers: plus 41 and 34%, respectively. Special vehicles and trucks added 11 and 4%.
  • AvtoVAZ, Hyundai, Renault and Volkswagen became the leading exporting companies of passenger cars. KamAZ increased supplies abroad by 58% (3.4 thousand units).

According to the Association of European Businesses (AEB), in Russia from January to September 2019, sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles fell by 2% (to 1.27 million units). At the same time, production, according to Rosstat, for the same period added 1.1% (up to 1.1 million units). Experts believe that due to the growth in the export of cars and auto components abroad, production volumes will be able to be maintained at last year's level or increased.