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Where Hatchbacks Are Most Loved In Russia

Where Hatchbacks Are Most Loved In Russia
Where Hatchbacks Are Most Loved In Russia

Video: Where Hatchbacks Are Most Loved In Russia

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According to Avto.ru, at the beginning of 2019, there were more than 43.5 million passenger cars in the Russian vehicle fleet. Among them, 8.1 million vehicles (18.7 percent) are two-volume hatchbacks with three or five doors. We have compiled a rating of regions in which the share of such machines is the highest.

Region Share,% Number, thousand pcs. Everything in the park thousand pcs.
Republic of Tatarstan 27,1 338,2 1246,3
Mari El Republic 24,8 39,8 160,5
Udmurtia 24,1 106,6 441,6
Sverdlovsk region 23,5 309,1 1316,0
Kirov region 22,7 80,3 354,4
Saratov region 22,2 163,6 738,7
Ulyanovsk region 22,1 76,9 348,4
Krasnodar region 21,5 397,6 1851,8
Smolensk region 21,5 68,6 318,8
Ivanovo region 21,5 53,3 247,7

The most popular hatchbacks were in the Volga and Ural federal districts: here their share is on average 21%. In the central part of Russia, hatchbacks are slightly more than 18% of the total vehicle fleet.

The least popular hatchbacks are in the regions of the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts: here their share does not exceed 13% of the park. The lowest share is in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (5.3%, 284 cars), Kamchatka Territory (5.8%, 9.4 thousand cars) and Magadan Region (5.9%, 2.7 thousand units).

In the capital regions, cars in this type of body are also not in high demand: in St. Petersburg and the region, their share is only 18.6% (421.1 thousand units), and in Moscow and the Moscow region, even less - 17.3% (1 million 108.1 thousand).

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