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How To Check The Mileage Of A Car According To The & Nbsp; Base Of Technical Inspection

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How To Check The Mileage Of A Car According To The & Nbsp; Base Of Technical Inspection
How To Check The Mileage Of A Car According To The & Nbsp; Base Of Technical Inspection

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When buying a used car, there is a risk that the mileage declared by the seller does not correspond to the real one. According to various sources, almost every third car in Russia is sold with a twisted odometer. And not only the fact of deception itself is unpleasant, but also its consequences: an unknown resource of components and assemblies can entail costly losses of time and money in the future.

Unfortunately, technical checks of the mileage - for example, with a scanner connected to the car's on-board computer - do not give a 100% guarantee of success. Fraudsters can be as sophisticated in electronics as auditors. Therefore, to collect additional information about the machine, it is better to turn to the databases for help.


Which bases to believe?

During the operation of the car, its mileage is recorded outside the on-board electronic systems - in the databases of various organizations. For example, during a technical inspection, which, according to the law, used cars are required to pass at the age of three and five years, and after that - annually. Diagnostic cards are evidence of passing the technical inspection, and they now exist in electronic form.

To record technical inspections, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has created a Unified Automated Information System for Technical Inspection (EAISTO). This database can help expose a negligent car owner if he adjusted the mileage before selling the car - after all, EAISTO stores data on the increase in numbers on the odometer from inspection to inspection.

In addition to traffic police officers, employees of insurance companies and employees of car dealerships, individuals can also use the base. Anyone can check the vehicle's technical inspections at this address for free. However, this is only the motto of the EAISTO system. In practice, everything is somewhat different.


Free or paid?

At the aforementioned address, there is a form for verification, in which it is enough to enter one of the vehicle identifiers - VIN, license plate, body or frame number. You can also check directly using the diagnostic card number, if known.

But a quick response is not guaranteed. Most often, after clicking the "Check" button, the message "An error has occurred, please try again later." Apparently due to too many requests. However, if you are lucky, do not rush to rejoice. You won't be able to check the mileage on the EAISTO database here. In fact, the system only shows the numbers of the latest diagnostic cards and the operators who issued them.

Checking the mileage of the car on the basis of the technical inspection is possible only by clicking the button "Auto History" … which redirects you to the Autocode portal, where all information is paid. For a report on one car (there are also package offers) you need to pay 349 rubles. In it, among other information, the mileage of the car from the diagnostic cards of its technical inspections is also indicated.

On requests in Internet search engines, many sites are issued that offer to check the technical inspection on the EAISTO database for free. But they turn out to be either "clones" of the original service request - with the same minimal result, or simply fakes.

The only resource where you can really view data on vehicle mileage from EAISTO for free is a website based on the official portal of the Moscow Government. Alas, it stores information only about cars registered in Moscow and the Moscow region. The data is issued after registration on the portal, and for identification of the car, in addition to the VIN or state number, the series and STS number are required.

There is another way to find out the mileage during technical inspection - contact the office of the insurance company. Many of them provide such a service, and a check can cost from 500 to 1200 rubles, depending on the brand of the vehicle and the year of manufacture.


Should you trust the data of technical inspections?

How objective the data on the mileage in the EAISTO system is is a big question. Unfortunately, thousands of cars roam the streets of Russia that have never undergone a real technical inspection in their history. At the same time, most of their owners have a valid OSAGO policy, which today cannot be issued without a diagnostic card.

In reality, a technical inspection is easy to avoid: many companies offer to make a diagnostic card without presenting a car. And even register it with EAISTO. In addition to transferring money, the client only needs to fill out a simple online form with the data of the car - including entering its mileage on his own!

So the base of the technical inspection does not at all guarantee that the car you are interested in has run exactly as long as indicated on the odometer. More accurate methods remain a detailed check of a future purchase in a reputable car service and, at the same time, checking the history of the car with the help of Automotive News. We not only analyze data on technical inspections, but also compare them with figures from past car sales announcements and with data from Auto.ru partners - car importers and large car services. To get a full report, you only need the VIN or license plate of the car and the amount of 197 rubles.

And here's another important tip: check your favorite car against all available databases. The more information you collect, the more complete picture of the car's past you will get. This means that it will be easier to make an informed decision.

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