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Where Are The Most Electric Vehicles In Russia?

Where Are The Most Electric Vehicles In Russia?
Where Are The Most Electric Vehicles In Russia?
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According to Avto.ru as of June 1, 2019, there are more than 44.1 million passenger cars in the Russian vehicle fleet. And only 4.6 thousand cars powered by electricity. We have compiled a rating of 10 regions where there are more electric cars than the rest. And this is what it looks like.

Region Quantity, pcs. Everything in the park thousand pcs.
Primorsky Krai 839 851,3
Moscow and Moscow region 546 6482,4
Irkutsk region 487 744,5
Khabarovsk region 375 332,0
Krasnodar region 360 1877,9
Amur region 187 209,4
Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region 155 2289,4
Novosibirsk region 132 822,9
Krasnoyarsk region 115 888,9
Stavropol region 80 796,6

The most popular electric car on the Russian market in general is the Nissan Leaf: there are 3.7 thousand of them in the domestic vehicle fleet, and this is more than 80% of the segment. Next comes another "Japanese" - Mitsubishi I-Miev. However, such cars are registered 12 times less - only 308 cars. Ultra-tech and expensive TeslModel S and Model X in Russia - 221 and 125 units, respectively. And the top five of the most popular electric cars is closed by Togliatti LadEllad - 96 such cars are registered in the traffic police.

For 9 months of 2019, the demand for electric cars in Russia increased 2.5 times: from January to September, 261 cars were registered. The dynamics was influenced, first of all, by the appearance in the free sale of the serial electric crossover Jaguar I-Pace: 106 owners put it on record. The demand for Nissan Leaf has also increased, and more than 2 times: in the base with primary registration on the territory of the Russian Federation, there are 102 cars against 48 a year earlier.

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