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General Motors Resolves Largest 40-day Workers' Strike

General Motors Resolves Largest 40-day Workers' Strike
General Motors Resolves Largest 40-day Workers' Strike

Video: General Motors Resolves Largest 40-day Workers' Strike

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Video: A strike by the United Auto Workers is costing General Motors 12,000 vehicles each day, and could ru 2023, February

The American United Auto Workers (UAW) has announced the end of a 40-day strike by General Motors employees. The parties managed to agree on the terms of a common working contract and conclude a new agreement for a period of four years.

  • Union workers said they had secured the payment of a one-time bonus of $ 11,000 (703,000 rubles) for permanent members and performance bonuses for temporary employees.
  • During the new term of the contract, the concern will carry out two three-percent annual salary indexations and two lump-sum payments in the amount of four percent of the annual salary. At the same time, employee contributions to health insurance will not increase.
  • In turn, the trade union made some concessions and decided not to challenge the closure of a number of the concern's enterprises. However, the workers managed to negotiate the preservation of the Detroit-Hamtramck plant. It is rumored to be heavily upgraded to produce electric SUVs and pickups, which will be released under the revived Hummer brand. It is planned that by 2024 the plant will operate at full capacity of 80,000 electric vehicles per year.

In total, about 46 thousand employees of the General Motors concern did not go to work since mid-September, which completely paralyzed 33 factories and 22 General Motors warehouses. As a result, due to the strike, the concern lost about two billion dollars. Now the UAW has announced that employees intend to seek similar working conditions in negotiations for new contracts with the concerns of Ford and Fiat Chrysler.

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