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Russians Are Losing Interest In Diesel Cars

Russians Are Losing Interest In Diesel Cars
Russians Are Losing Interest In Diesel Cars

Video: Russians Are Losing Interest In Diesel Cars

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ToyotLand Cruiser Prado is September's leader among diesel cars

According to Avto.ru, in September 2019, 123.9 thousand new "cars" were registered in the traffic police departments. Among them, 10.5 thousand cars run on diesel fuel, which is 14% less than a year ago. In total, according to the results of the three quarters of 2019, the demand for them turned out to be 5.7% worse than in January-September 2018: 87.6 thousand units were registered.

Most popular model among the new "diesels" remains ToyotLand Cruiser Prado: 953 vehicles per month (plus 27.9%). KiSorento has almost two times less: 500 cars and a record drop for the rating by 40.3%. Hyundai SantFe closes the top three: 464 cars and minus 19.6%.

The fourth and fifth places were taken by SkodKodiaq and Renault Duster with the results of 450 (minus 14.3%) and 445 (minus 27.8%) cars, respectively. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has 10 more registered "diesels" less (minus 15.2%). In seventh place in the ranking is the flagship ToyotLand Cruiser 200: the SUV was chosen by 414 customers (minus 37.7%).

Rounding out the top ten are three models of the Bavarian automaker BMW: X5, a 5-series sedan and a compact crossover X3. They were registered by 393 (minus 26.4%), 334 (plus 7.4%) and 328 (plus 32.8%) owners, respectively.

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