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The Volume Of Production Of Passenger Cars Has Grown In Russia

The Volume Of Production Of Passenger Cars Has Grown In Russia
The Volume Of Production Of Passenger Cars Has Grown In Russia

Video: The Volume Of Production Of Passenger Cars Has Grown In Russia

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Video: 2011 breaks the record on passenger cars' production in Russia 2023, January

For 8 months of 2019, 271.8 thousand cars of domestic brands were assembled at Russian car factories, which is 6.2% more than a year ago. The production of foreign cars could not maintain growth and turned out to be 0.4% worse than last year's indicator - 737.7 thousand cars produced. The share of cars of domestic brands in the total volume of production reached 26.9% (plus 1.2 points), according to the analytical company "ASM-holding".

The production volume of Lad cars continues to grow: from January to August, the dynamics reached 7%. The company's sales for the same period rose by only 3%.

Automobile factories of Russian brands have achieved the following results:

  • LADA Togliatti - plus 8.1%;
  • LADA Izhevsk - plus 7.6%;
  • ChechenAvto (Lada) - minus 28.4%;
  • UAZ - minus 10.2%.

The main Russian manufacturers of cars of foreign brands were in the black:

  • Automobile plant "GAZ", Nizhny Novgorod (contract assembly of Skod and Volkswagen) - plus 15.6%;
  • Avtotor, Kaliningrad (BMW, Hyundai, Kia) - plus 12.7%;
  • Volkswagen Group Rus, Kaluga (Volkswagen, Skoda) - plus 7.9%;

  • Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus, Vladivostok - plus 11.4%;
  • PSMA RUS, Kaluga (Citroen, Mitsubishi, Peugeot) - plus 14.3%;
  • Toyota Motor, Nissan Manufacturing Rus and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus, St. Petersburg - in aggregate plus 2.8%.

At the Russian plant Haval in the Tula region, which has been operating since summer, by the end of August, more than 2 thousand crossovers had already been produced. In addition, production volumes are growing at the new Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Rus plant in the Moscow region.

A decrease in production volumes at some factories had a negative impact on the overall dynamics of production of foreign cars. Thus, the production of Chevrolet cars decreased by about 20%, and Renault - by 9%. In addition, the production of Ford passenger cars was completed. This did not allow foreign brands to show better dynamics.

The total production volumes of passenger cars at Russian car factories in the first 8 months of 2019 amounted to 1,009.5 thousand units. This is 1.3% more than a year earlier. Manufacturers shipped to dealers by 0.4% more cars than in January-August 2018 - 973.4 thousand units. According to Avto.ru, during this period, the traffic police registered 1 million 6 thousand new passenger cars, which is 1.2% less than in the first 8 months of 2018.

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