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Renault-Russia Will Have A New Leader

Renault-Russia Will Have A New Leader
Renault-Russia Will Have A New Leader

Video: Renault-Russia Will Have A New Leader

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From November 1, 2019, Jan Ptachek, who until October 1, was the executive vice president for sales and marketing of AvtoVAZ, will become the new CEO of the Russian division of Renault. Now the general director of Renault-Russia is Andrey Pankov, who was appointed to this position in 2015.

  • Jan Ptacek graduated from the Technical University of Paris and received additional business education at three French universities.
  • The top manager has been with Group Renault for over 20 years. He held managerial positions in sales and marketing in the group's divisions in Russia, Romania, Ukraine, France and the Czech Republic.
  • He was marketing director at the Russian office of the company in 2008-2012.
  • In 2016, Jan Ptacek was appointed Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing of the Togliatti auto giant.

According to the Association of European Businesses (AEB), in 2019 Renault dealers almost managed to keep the brand's sales at last year's level: 102.5 thousand vehicles and only minus 1%. However, September became the third month in a row for the company, when sales immediately grew by double digits (12% each in July and August and 28% in September) and reached 13.3 thousand vehicles.

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