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Russian Dealers More Often Sell Cars Through Trade-in

Russian Dealers More Often Sell Cars Through Trade-in
Russian Dealers More Often Sell Cars Through Trade-in

Video: Russian Dealers More Often Sell Cars Through Trade-in

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In the first half of 2019, auto retailers noted an increase in the number of car sales transactions using the trade-in program. In addition to the "classic" scheme - the exchange of their car for a new one - sellers noted the buyers' interest in the option of exchanging for another used car, Izvestia writes.

From January to June 2018, approximately 7-20% more cars were sold through trade-in than a year earlier. Moreover, the share of used cars purchased according to this scheme has grown to about 15%. Experts note that in general in Russia every third new car is purchased in exchange with a surcharge - 35%, and some companies, in particular, the Avtomir Group of Companies, have increased the share of trade-in to 64%, while in the first half of 2018 it was only 49%.

Experts attribute the growth in sales through trade-in in the secondary market, among other things, to a drop in demand for new cars. Mikhail Chaplygin, General Director of Auto-Dealer-SPb, believes that for a dealer, trade-in is an opportunity for good earnings with a deal margin of 10% or more. In a number of retailers, sales of used cars have already caught up with new ones.

According to Avto.ru, in the first eight months of 2019, a little more than 1 million new passenger cars were registered in Russia, which brought the market a little closer to last year's result: a difference of only 1.2%. At the same time, the demand for used cars turned out to be better and almost remained at last year's level: minus 0.1% and 3.5 million cars that were registered with the traffic police.

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