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Where Korean Cars Are Most Popular In Russia

Where Korean Cars Are Most Popular In Russia
Where Korean Cars Are Most Popular In Russia

Video: Where Korean Cars Are Most Popular In Russia

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According to Avto.ru, there are more than 43.5 million passenger cars in the Russian car fleet. Among them, 4.9 million units (11.3 percent) are cars of Korean brands. We have compiled a rating of the regions in which the share of such cars is the highest.

Region Share,% Number, thousand pcs. Everything in the park thousand pcs.
Sverdlovsk region 13,5 178,0 1316,0
Vladimir region 13,6 54,8 403,8
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District 13,9 24,6 177,4
Krasnodar region 14,2 263,2 1851,8
Nizhny Novgorod Region 15,1 940,7 142,2
Tyumen region 15,3 73,5 481,8
Rostov region 15,6 205,7 1320,1
Republic of Tatarstan 15,7 195,9 1246,3
Moscow and Moscow region 15,7 1002,0 6397,6
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug 16,8 93,6 557,4

The most popular Korean car brands in Russia are Hyundai and Kia: according to Avto.ru, they account for 4.7% (2.05 million) and 4.4% (1.9 million) cars, respectively, in the total car fleet. In addition, 730.8 thousand Daewoo vehicles (1.68%) and 182.3 thousand (0.4%) Ssang Yong vehicles travel on the roads of the country.

In general, the popularity of the Korean car industry in the Russian market is growing. So, in most regions of the country "Koreans" are already ahead of "Americans", and in some regions of the central and western parts of Russia their share is higher than that of Japanese and European cars.

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