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Where European Cars Are Most Popular In Russia

Where European Cars Are Most Popular In Russia
Where European Cars Are Most Popular In Russia

Video: Where European Cars Are Most Popular In Russia

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According to Avto.ru, there are more than 43.5 million passenger cars in the Russian car fleet. Among them 8.2 million units (18.8 percent) are cars of European brands. We have selected 10 regions in which the share of European cars is the highest.

Region Share,% Number, thousand pcs. Everything in the park thousand pcs.
Tver region 23,1 99,8 432,4
Kaluga region 23,5 85,6 364,4
Novgorod region 24,6 48,5 197,6
Smolensk region 24,7 78,6 318,8
Bryansk region 24,9 79,4 319,2
Murmansk region 27,4 69,5 253,7
Pskov region 27,7 63,1 228,1
Moscow and Moscow region 31,5 2017,4 6397,6
Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region 33,3 753,2 2261,3
Kaliningrad region 58,0 206,4 355,8

The most popular European brands in Russia are German. There are 4.45 million cars from Germany in the Russian Federation, more than half of all "Europeans" and about 10% of the Russian vehicle fleet.

In second place is France: 2.3 million units, 28 and 5.3%, respectively.

Only in three leading regions is the share of European brands higher than Russian ones. All the rest have more domestic cars.

Foreign cars of European origin prevail in the regions of the western part of Russia: sales of such cars and service are well developed here. In addition, in local parks there are still many cars imported in the 1990s and 2000s from abroad. In the eastern part of Russia, the share of "Europeans" does not even reach 10%. Japanese cars are very popular here: their share in some regions exceeds 80%. Record - Primorsky Territory, where models of Japanese brands occupy 90% of the vehicle fleet.

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