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New Toyota RAV4 Fails Moose Test

New Toyota RAV4 Fails Moose Test
New Toyota RAV4 Fails Moose Test
Video: New Toyota RAV4 Fails Moose Test
Video: The new Toyota RAV4 fails the moose test 2023, February

The new generation ToyotRAV4 crossover did not cope with the moose test, which was conducted by the Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld. Carrying out a sharp detour of an obstacle, the car suddenly breaks into a skid, and due to the late activation of the stabilization system, it leaves the intended zone and stands on two wheels.

  • Journalists tested two hybrid crossovers. In both cases, the new RAV4 performed equally poorly: the maximum speed on the moose test was only 68 km / h, which is two km / h below the threshold for passing the test. As an example, the Nissan Qashqai and KiSorento are shown, which coped with the test at 84 and 78 km / h, respectively.
  • Teknikens Värld complained that Toyot had re-released an unsafe vehicle. In 2016, a Hilux pickup truck nearly overturned while performing a moose test at a speed of 60 km / h. As a result, journalists advised everyone not to buy a new RAV4 until the problem was fixed.
  • Toyot said they did not agree with the results of the new test, as the maximum-loaded car in the tests was on inflated tires, but the journalists said that the tire pressures were in line with the factory values. The company assured that since 2016, when developing cars, they have been tested according to the Teknikens Värld methodology, and the new RAV4 has successfully passed all internal tests.

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