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10 & Nbsp; Most Popular Used Cars In Russia

10 & Nbsp; Most Popular Used Cars In Russia
10 & Nbsp; Most Popular Used Cars In Russia
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According to Avto.ru, in August 2019, more than half a million used cars were registered in Russia - 1.7% more than a year ago. We have selected the 10 most popular used machines in our market.

10 ToyotCamry. Large used Japanese sedan was registered 7.6 thousand car owners - 4.3% more than in August last year. Since the beginning of the year, 53.4 thousand people have registered the model - plus 3%.

9 Lad2110. The sedan of the "tenth" family is losing popularity: 9 thousand cars and minus 7.4% from last year's result. For 8 months, the dynamics are even worse: minus 10.1% and 63.4 thousand cars.

8 LadPrior sedan. Priora, whose production ceased in the fall of 2018, also went into negative territory: 9.5 thousand cars and minus 3.5%. Following the results of eight months, 68.3 thousand sedans were registered: minus 3.7%.

7 Lad4x4. The Togliatti SUV is doing much better: the demand for it in the secondary market grew by 4.1% - to 9.6 thousand pieces… For 8 months, the dynamics are weaker: plus half a percent and 70 thousand cars.

6 ToyotCorolla. Another "Japanese" in the ranking with a result in 9.6 thousand registered cars… Half a percent worse than in August 2018, and from January to August, demand for Corolla fell by 1.2% - to 67.8 thousand pieces.

5 KiRio. The low-cost Korean model continues to gain popularity in the secondary market: registered in August 2019 9.8 thousand "Rio" with mileage - this is 20.5% more than 12 months ago. A similar dynamics following the results of 8 months: plus 17.4% and 64.1 thousand cars.

4 Hyundai Solaris. The soplatform Solaris has worse dynamics: plus 14.3%, but in absolute terms it is ahead - 10.4 thousand cars… According to the results of eight months, the situation is identical: plus 11.2% and 68.6 thousand cars.

3 VAZ 2107. The result of "Classics" from Togliatti - 11.2 thousand carsregistered in August, and negative dynamics (minus 1.2%). Since the beginning of the year, the model has lost 7.1% of demand: it was chosen by 78.2 thousand people.

2 Ford Focus. In August, the popularity of the "American" fell slightly: minus 2.5% and 12.4 thousand cars… Nevertheless, for 8 months in the top 3, the model has the smallest drop: minus 1.6% and 86.7 thousand cars.

1 Lad2114. Aftermarket bestseller registered in August 2019 12.6 thousand owners - 5.8% less than a year ago. Since the beginning of the year, 89.7 thousand owners have registered the model, which is 6.9% less than from January to August 2018.

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