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Summer News Digest Auto.ru

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Summer News Digest Auto.ru
Summer News Digest Auto.ru

Video: Summer News Digest Auto.ru

Video: Summer News Digest Auto.ru
Video: Что я ем за день в качестве модели | Здоровые летние рецепты и прерывистое голодание | Санне Влот 2023, December

We tell you about all the important updates and events that happened in the life of Auto.ru this summer.


In the personal account of dealers on Auto.ru, you can now configure access rights for different users - a useful feature if several employees use your account at once. They will be able to work only with those sections of the personal account for which they are responsible.

For dealers who are represented on Avto.ru by several car dealerships in different cities, it is now possible to sell cars with delivery. This function will help expand the geography of sales and increase the turnover of warehouses.

A sailing regatta, the secrets of working with bloggers and the valuable experience of a foreign company - briefly about what happened at the Auto.ru conference in Sochi.


In early summer, Auto.ru conducted a survey among users who put their cars up for sale and planned to buy new ones. We asked how clear, convenient and interesting the service "trade-in" is for car owners, as well as what advantages and disadvantages they see in it. It turned out interesting!

How are cars sold in summer? How can car dealers stimulate sales and how dangerous is it to “yellow” the reporting? We collected expert opinions and comments from market participants.

The demand for Chinese cars in Russia is growing, and some brands are seriously counting on a significant market share. Today, 13 Chinese passenger car brands are officially represented on our market, which are traded by 583 dealerships. We will tell you which models are in demand and how Chinese brands are going to conquer Russia.


At the Auto.ru conference, Artyom Valishin, head of the marketing department at Silver-Auto Group, talked about why dealers need to increase the share of used car sales. He shared his experience and talked about the tools that help his company in developing this direction, and how to fulfill the sales target for used cars.