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How To Make Your Ads As Effective As Possible: A Marketer's Checklist

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How To Make Your Ads As Effective As Possible: A Marketer's Checklist
How To Make Your Ads As Effective As Possible: A Marketer's Checklist

Video: How To Make Your Ads As Effective As Possible: A Marketer's Checklist

Video: How To Make Your Ads As Effective As Possible: A Marketer's Checklist
Video: IM Checklist Volume 7: Newbie Marketer Review + Demo – DISCOUNT Code 50% Off Promo + Activator 2023, December

Auto.ru has prepared a checklist for dealership marketers. It will help you understand what tools increase the efficiency of placing your ads on Avto.ru.


Working with content

The contact between the buyer and the seller of the car begins with viewing the advertisement. For a quick sale, Auto.ru has additional tools that will help make your publication better. Here's what we recommend.

  • add video - a short video or a full review of the car doubles the number of ad views on Avto.ru.
  • Capture and place 3D car panorama - interactive photos of the exterior and interior, which help to get to know the car in detail. On the panorama, you can specify points with additional photos and seller comments. Dealers who actively use panoramas in their ads get up to 62% increase in views.
  • Add the ability to show the car onlineby selecting the "Online display" option when editing your ad. It means that the seller can demonstrate the car using any convenient video call service. In this case, a corresponding mark will appear next to the publication - in the same place where other badges are shown.

  • Specify car discounts - register in special fields discounts for cars in stock, for example, under the trade-in program or when buying on credit, as well as the maximum discount that the car dealership is ready to provide. Discounts make the ad stand out in the overall search results and make it more attractive to the buyer. This works for both new and used vehicles.

Even more leads

Traffic to car dealerships has long been not only calls and visitors to dealerships. Here are some free tools sellers can use to get additional leads.

  • "Online booking" - the user will be able to reserve the car they like right from the ad. Up to 65% of booking requests turn into a deal.
  • "Trade-in orders" - the dealer can receive applications from users who choose a new car and are already selling their car on Avto.ru or are just going to do it. You can connect the service to all ads at once in your personal account in the "Applications" section.

  • Chat rooms - 30% of Auto.ru users prefer to write to sellers rather than call. You can connect the reception of text messages in the settings in your personal account. Integration of Auto.ru chats with popular aggregators is also configured there. How Fresh Auto did it and what results they got - were told in a separate article.


Useful tools that help analyze traffic and evaluate the effectiveness of ad placement are available in the Avto.ru personal account for all dealers.

  • "Dynamic call tracking" - a tool that automatically associates calls from Auto.ru users with a specific ad and allows the dealer to track and listen to calls for each vehicle. Detailed information about call tracking on Auto.ru is in a separate article.
  • Walk-in is an analytics tool that helps to track the conversion from online ad views that the dealer places on Auto.ru to car dealership visits. According to a study by Auto.ru, more than half of potential buyers visit dealerships without a preliminary call.

Repurchase of used cars

In the face of a shortage of new cars, traditional dealer channels for buying used cars are less efficient. Here are some tools to help you find additional ransom machines and check their history.

  • Reports "ProAvto" help to check the history of the car even before the ransom: they collect information from dozens of sources, as well as the history of the placement of this car on Avto.ru. If such a car was sold on the classified page, users will see when it was, what condition the car was in, with what photos and with what mileage.
  • "On sale again" - a section in the dealer's personal account, which automatically includes cars that have already been sold in this salon, and now reappeared on sale on Avto.ru. For dealers with whom Avto.ru has set up data exchange, this service will be supplemented with data on cars that were also in its service or were evaluated in a trade-in. Thanks to this tool, the dealer will be able to collect more ads, and the conversion to ransom when calling for such offers is twice as high as compared to cold calls.

  • Cost estimate - helps to determine the objective price when buying out or placing a car. Auto.ru's own system for estimating the value of used cars is based on the history of sales of more than 2 million cars.

Additional tools

Here are a few more tools that will help to improve the efficiency of the dealer's interaction with Avto.ru.

  • Set up communication - this will help you take advantage of the additional benefits of the "Back on Sale" section and free access to ProAuto reports. A free advertising option is also available: the report may contain data about the company that provided the data with the history - the name and link to the site.
  • Loyalty program. Dealers connected to the loyalty program can receive cashback, which can be used to place and promote ads on Auto.ru.
  • Personal account in the mobile application - dealers who use the Auto.ru mobile application can quickly view, place or remove an ad, find out statistics and balance. The employees of the car dealership who are configured with access to their personal account receive the necessary information at any time on the screen of their smartphone.

You can independently check your ad on Auto.ru using a checklist or order a free audit of the placement efficiency from your regional manager.