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Has The Russian Market Gone Negative? How New Cars Were Actually Sold In November

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Has The Russian Market Gone Negative? How New Cars Were Actually Sold In November
Has The Russian Market Gone Negative? How New Cars Were Actually Sold In November

Video: Has The Russian Market Gone Negative? How New Cars Were Actually Sold In November

Video: Has The Russian Market Gone Negative? How New Cars Were Actually Sold In November
Video: They Didn't Know That a Camera Was Watching Them 2023, March

In November 2020, the Russian market for new passenger cars went into negative territory: 131.5 thousand cars were registered, which is 4.1% less than a year ago. Prior to that, thanks to deferred demand, sales of new cars were growing for two months in a row.

In total, 1 million 306.1 thousand new cars have been registered in Russia since the beginning of the year, which is 7.5% less than from January to November 2019.

Alexey Mukhanov, leading analyst at Avto.ru:

“In November, the growth in sales that was outlined in the market was replaced by a drop both in relation to October and in comparison with November last year. Getting a new car, especially a popular model, is still not easy. The deliveries of some models are returning to the usual volumes, but at the same time prices continue to rise. Without pre-New Year sales, which should not be expected in 2020, the market for new cars at the end of the year will not be able to overcome the mark of 1.5 million units. The main question now is what will happen to demand in the coming year, given the excitement this year and the threat of new lockdowns that could shake the global economy."

Subcompact cars (A-class)

During the month, the popularity of cars in segment "A" fell by 73.5%, less than 100 cars were registered. The most popular models in the class are KiPicanto (51 units) and Chevrolet Spark (14 units).

Since the beginning of the year, 2,300 subcompact cars have been registered, which is 46.5% less than a year ago. The vast majority of them - in fact, the only representative of the segment in Russia - KiPicanto: 2,150 units (minus 35.9%).

Compact cars (B, B + -class)

brand, model November, 2020, pcs. Dynamics, % Total 2020, pcs. Dynamics, %
LadGranta 11484 6,9 107162 -6,7
LadVesta 10248 24,4 92075 -4,8
KiRio 8334 10,5 77763 -4,5
Volkswagen polo 4702 9,7 52335 8,1
Hyundai solaris 4367 44203 -15,8
SkodRapid 3702 14,8 30842 -4,2
Renault Logan 3433 9,1 27513 -12,0


3081 -4,6 31697 -15,1
Renault Sandero 2225 -11,1 23686 -11,9
LadXray 1470 -36,7 17387 -32,7

The demand for compact cars (segments "B" and "B +") has grown, despite the overall decline in the market: plus 4.6% and 54.2 thousand cars. Their share increased by 3.4 points over the month, to 41.2%.

Most popular models were marked with confident growth. Record - for the second time in a row - for LadVesta: plus 24.4%, 10.2 thousand cars. Datsun on-Do has the strongest drop, which did not make it into the top 10: only 650 registered cars, minus 61%. The model is discontinued.

Since the beginning of the year, the soplatform SkodRapid and Volkswagen Polo, whose sales “shot” after the model update, turned out to be in positive territory. Outside the top 10, some Mini and Ravon models showed positive dynamics, mainly due to the low base effect.

Datsun on-Do
Datsun on-Do
Volkswagen polo
Volkswagen polo

The popularity of compact cars was positively affected by the low price of most models, as well as state support measures - the programs of concessional lending "First Car" and "Family Car". This year, preferential car loans have also become available to medical workers (without a family or who already had a car), and the maximum cost of a car has increased to 1.5 million rubles.

For 11 months, 522 thousand cars of the segment appeared on the roads - minus 8.3%. The share fell to 40%, minus 0.4 points.

Medium cars (C-class)

brand, model November, 2020, pcs. Dynamics, % Total 2020, pcs. Dynamics, %
KiCerato 974 -44,5 12410 3,7
SkodOctavia 622 -73,5 17344 -12,9
Volkswagen jetta 322 - 1221 -
KiCeed 316 -68,8 8998 -34,1
Mercedes-Benz CLA 248 26,5 1839 14,9
ToyotCorolla 230 -46,0 2516 -42,9
BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe 97 - 809 -
Audi A3 65 -48,8 934 1,2
Lifan solano 64 33,3 459 -28,4
Hyundai elantra 38 -90,9 2548 -41,1

Segment "C" intensified the decline: this time the demand for the "golf class" decreased by half - only 3.1 thousand cars were registered. For comparison: a month earlier, almost 5 thousand cars were registered. The segment's share shrank to its minimum 2.4% (minus 2.5 points).

The main reason for this phenomenon was the expectation of a new SkodOctav - live cars arrived at the auto centers only in December, and the cars of the previous generation are almost over. Hyundai Elantra found itself in a similar situation: prices for the new generation model were announced only in mid-December and the cars had not yet reached dealerships, and sales of the previous family were almost over.

At the same time, demand for KiCeed and Cerato dropped. In addition, there is still a shortage of "running" complete sets of many popular models.

Lifan solano
Lifan solano

For the second month in a row, Lifan Solano is in the top ten segment leaders, which has become one third more popular than in November 2019. However, in general, the model is not in great demand among Russians, even though the price is low. But the premium representatives of the segment please with good dynamics throughout the year. For example, the Mercedes-Benz CL sold 15% better for 11 months than a year ago. The Audi A3 model slightly increased its audience (plus 1.2%), and the four-door BMW 2 Series is also selling well.

From January to November, 52.3 thousand golf-class cars were registered - minus 29%. The share decreased by 1.2 points to 4%.

Large cars (D-class)

brand, model November, 2020, pcs. Dynamics, % Total 2020, pcs. Dynamics, %
ToyotCamry 2045 -12,4 23117 -21,3
KiK5 1887 - 6556 -
Mazda6 576 28,0 4140 -10,9
Bmw 3 series 527 41,7 3427 -18,3
Audi A4 294 29,5 1393 -34,9
Hyundai sonata 173 -71,5 5381 -15,7
Volvo V60 109 - 381 -
Volkswagen passat 81 -10,0 880 -40,1
Audi a5 74 19,4 470 -47,4
Mercedes-Benz C-class 63 -76,3 2038 -26,1

Segment "D" intensified the fall: minus 12.4%, 6.1 thousand cars. The segment's share decreased by 0.4 points to 4.6%.

The demand for ToyotCamry continues to decline: minus 12.4% in November and minus 21.3% YTD. Nevertheless, the Japanese sedan outperforms its main competitor, the KiK5, by 8.4%.

The demand for KiK5 in November was only 5.2% lower than a year ago on KiOptima, and the total sales of these two models for 11 months lagged behind last year's result of Optima by 27.1% (16.9 thousand units). But the new product is already noticeably ahead of the closest pursuers in the person of Mazda6 and BMW 3 Series, including on the basis of sales from the beginning of the year.

Audi A4
Audi A4

BMW's three-ruble note recorded the best monthly sales growth. In addition, consumer demand for Mazda6 and Audi A4 has grown quite well. Sales of Hyundai Sonat and Mercedes-Benz C-class failed.

Since the beginning of the year, 61.8 thousand cars have been registered, which is 24% less than a year ago. Their share dropped to 4.7% (minus 1 point).

Business class (E-class)

brand, model November, 2020, pcs. Dynamics, % Total 2020, pcs. Dynamics, %
Bmw 5 series 619 -13,3 4581 -25,7
Mercedes-Benz E-class 398 -33,2 4873 -19,5
Audi a6 152 -5,0 1865 141,3
Lexus es 136 -20,5 1245 -24,2
Volvo S90 86 152,9 450 35,5
BMW 6 Series GT 33 -71,3 421 -62,0
Volvo V90 30 -43,4 294 -35,9
Audi A6 allroad quattro 30 - 83 219,2
Genesis g80 23 -55,8 335 -43,6
Audi a7 20 -20,0 228 -19,4

The demand for business class cars decreased by 24.3%, less than 1.6 thousand cars were registered.

The refreshed BMW 5 Series sedans, which have finally made it to dealerships, have restored the model to its leadership in the segment, with nearly double the sales of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. However, in comparison with last year's results, both models are still selling worse. Audi A6 is noticeably behind them: the model is chosen 3-5 times less often than the leaders.

The Volvo S90, which in November the Russians took 2.5 times better than in 2019, climbed to an unusually high fifth line in the ranking. Outside the rating, the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe showed a good increase in audience - plus 56%, but in absolute terms it is only 14 cars.

From January to November, 15.7 thousand cars of the segment were registered - minus 16.8%.

Luxury cars (F-class)

For cars of premium and luxury brands (excluding SUVs), the demand decreased by 5.4%, 265 cars were registered.

Segment leaders for the month are BMW 7 Series (minus 14.2%, 97 units), Mercedes-Benz S-class (plus 5.6%, 75 units) and Audi A8 (plus 70%, 34 units).). The top 3 from the beginning of the year looks like this: BMW seven (933 units, minus 2.7%), es-class (838 units, minus 30.2%) and Mercedes-Maybach S-class (354 pcs, minus 11.8%).

In the segment of luxury cars, 1 Aurus (Senat), 20 Bentley, 1 Ferrari (model - Portofino), 4 Lamborghini, 1 Maseratti (model - Quattroporte), 18 Rolls-Royce were registered in November. In total, this is 35% less than in November 2019. Almost 700 cars of premium brands have been registered since the beginning of the year, which is 9.5% less than last year. The most popular models are Bentley Continental GT (129 units, minus 6.5%), Rolls-Royce Cullinan (114 units, plus 8.6%) and Lamborghini Urus (100 units, minus 2%).

For 11 months, 2,700 expensive cars were registered, which is 26.9% less than a year earlier.

Crossovers and SUVs

brand, model November, 2020, pcs. Dynamics, % Total 2020, pcs. Dynamics, %
Hyundai creta 6401 -0,3 65839 4,1
Renault Duster 3130 -8,0 27640 -19,6
ToyotRAV4 3126 26,4 32221 26,2
Volkswagen tiguan 2880 -29,9 30054 -7,2
Lad4x4 2678 0,1 24571 -10,8
SkodKodiaq 2497 -3,6 17056 -19,6
Hyundai Tucson 2465 13,7 19637 1,0
KiSportage 2290 -12,7 25469 -11,1
MazdCX-5 2050 8,2 17840 -9,6
Renault Kaptur 1945 20,6 18613 -23,4

Crossovers and SUVs were chosen by 64.9 thousand customers - 3.3% less than a year earlier. The share of SUVs increased by only 0.4 points and reached 49.4%.

The segment leader, Hyundai Cret, remained at a near-zero result. The best growth among the 30 most popular models was noted for Haval F7 and Chery Tiggo 4: their popularity increased more than 2.5 times - up to 1.2 thousand and 0.9 thousand units, respectively. The demand for Nissan Qashqai decreased the most in the top 30: the crossover was sold 1.5 times worse, only 1.6 thousand cars were registered.

Sales of crossovers of Chinese brands increased by 83%, 5.8 thousand cars were registered. The leaders of the Russian market are Haval F7 (1.2 thousand units, plus 157%), Geely Coolray (almost a thousand units), Chery Tiggo 4 (0.9 thousand units).pcs, plus 168%). Changan CS75 (sevenfold growth, slightly more than 100 units) and Chery Tiggo 7 (plus 336%, 0.5 thousand units) were noted as the maximum plus. Since the beginning of the year, 44.4 thousand Chinese SUVs have appeared on the roads of the country, plus 68%.

Hyundai creta
Hyundai creta
Chery tiggo 4
Chery tiggo 4
Lexus rx
Lexus rx

The demand for crossovers of premium and luxury brands decreased even more than in the segment and the market as a whole: minus 7.4%, 9.4 thousand cars. Nevertheless, the most popular models significantly increased: Lexus RX - plus 24.6%, 977 units, BMW X5 - plus 42.5%, 738 units, Mercedes-Benz GLE - plus 94.7%, 732 units, BMW X6 - plus 90.4%, 613 pieces. Among the best-selling models, the demand for BMW X4 and Porsche Cayenne dropped by one and a half times: 228 and 216 units, respectively. Since the beginning of the year, 92,700 expensive crossovers and SUVs have been registered - plus 0.7%.

For 11 months, 633.8 thousand (minus 1.5%) crossovers and SUVs were registered. Their share increased by 3 points over the year, to 48.5%.

Pickup trucks

Demand for pickups fell 26% to 758 vehicles.

The most popular models of November: ToyotHilux - 262 units, minus 3%, UAZ Pickup - 231 units, minus 32.8% and Volkswagen Amarok - 73 units, plus 17.7%. Since the beginning of the year, the top 3 looks like this: UAZ pickup (2401 units, minus 19.4%), ToyotHilux (2300 units, minus 3%), Mitsubishi L200 (1603 units, minus 4%).

Isuzu D-Max (plus 78.6%, 50 units) and Mercedes-Benz X-class (plus 77%, 23 units) showed a confident growth in November. Since the beginning of the year, an increase was recorded for VW Amarok (plus 39%, 810 units) and Isuzu D-Max (plus 79%, 448 units).

In total, from January to November, 8.4 thousand pickups were registered - minus 5.5%.

Sports coupes

In November, only 240 sports coupes and convertibles were registered - 13.7% less than a year ago.

The three leaders of the month are as follows: Mercedes-Benz E-class (80 units, minus 40.7%), BMW 4 Series (41 units, plus 46.4%) and Mercedes-Benz C-class (11 units, plus 22.2%). For 11 months, the top 3 were occupied by Mercedes-Benz models: E-class (1146 units, minus 11%), C-class (429 units, minus 29%) and S-class (232 units, plus 32%) …

Other popular models in this segment are BMW 4 and 8 Series, Porsche 911, Bentley Continental GT, Audi A5.

Since the beginning of the year, the number of cars in this segment has reached 3.3 thousand units - 14.8% less than in the same period last year.

In preparing the material, data from AA Avtostat were used.

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