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Nissan Unveiled The 2050 GT-R That Can Read Minds. Video

Nissan Unveiled The 2050 GT-R That Can Read Minds. Video
Nissan Unveiled The 2050 GT-R That Can Read Minds. Video
Video: Nissan Unveiled The 2050 GT-R That Can Read Minds. Video
Video: 2050 Nissan GT-R X – A Wearable Self-Driving Supercar that will Make You Stronger | Nissan GTR 2050 2023, February

The project of a futuristic supercar called the Nissan GT-R (X) 2050 was invented by a student of the College of Art in Pasadena, Jeb Choi, during an internship at the American design center Nissan. The company's designers have reproduced Choi's project in the form of a full-scale mock-up.

  • According to the creator's plan, in 30 years people will drive cars not sitting, but lying down: the driver sits in the supercar capsule face down, arms and legs apart, like the Vitruvian man of Leonardo da Vinci. Therefore, when viewed from above, the car resembles the shape of the letter X, which is also found in the name of the project.
  • Since the car is single, it turned out to be very compact: with a length of 2908 millimeters and a width of 1537 millimeters, the height of the GT-R (X) 2050 is only 658 millimeters.
  • The machine lacks traditional controls. Commands can be given to her with the help of a special “thought-remover” helmet, which is included in the supercar equipment set. Combining the capabilities of the human brain and artificial intelligence will make driving much safer than it is now, the designer said. According to him, by “connecting” to a car, a person becomes a single whole with the car - this concerns both information processing and the possibility of exchanging emotions.

  • Nissan GT-R (X) 2050 received unusual wheels: their shape is close to spherical, so they are able to turn 360 degrees. And with the current supercar, it is related, perhaps, only a hint of the proprietary V-shaped radiator grille and four round lights in the rear.
  • Nissan said that with his project, Choi not only anticipated the emergence of an emotional connection between man and machine, but also came up with a fundamentally new concept of transport - in the future, people will be able to put on and wear personal transport capsules as a kind of exoskeleton. Nissan designers have always encouraged such a cracking of stereotypes, which is why they helped the young artist to bring his project to life.
  • As for the current Nissan GT-R, which has been produced in almost unchanged form for 13 years, it will not survive the generational change until 2023. Perhaps the coupe, following the example of many competitors, will turn into a superhybrid.

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